Thursday, June 16, 2011

cepatnya masa berlalu. tak di sangka-sangka aku dah 'declare' dengan dia. Oh My! this is not real Eja. like seriously, i didn't believe it yet. i don't know why. maybe i'm not ready to have a boyfriend yet. but he's always asking and asking. duhhh, till i get bored. deymmmmm bored. feels like want to yelling at him and say would you please understand me and leave me alone. and blablablabla. i wish i could but i couldn't. :(

what for i together with him but my heart not at him. but for other guy. only for him. don't get mad if i'm still in love with you dude. ya, please believe it. now i realize that you're important in my life. only you can understand me. and i love the way you treat me. you respect me even though you always went to clubbing with your friends. but you never ever try to touch me like other guy. i really like that. thanks for not touching me. i wish that we're meant together. heeee. opss, sorry if am selfish. i'm tired of being nice to people and always pleasant people heart. oh damn oh God. i don't want to be cruel. once i'm turn to be cruel. you'll regret it. haihhh

just follow with the follow okay eja. what past is past. everything happened for a reason. don't be sad always and be strong. even though you're not ready to give commitment. just chill. bila ingat balik perangai dia tu. sangat lah menakutkan aku. selalu nak memaksa. macam kiwak. sumpah aku tak selesa. hmmmm.

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